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About Web Marketing Aberdeen

Web Marketing Aberdeen specialises in Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing and PR, Social Media Campaigns and Managed Content Solutions. We take the hassle out of website ownership by providing marketing initiatives that make the internet work for you. We are part of Deepbluemedia and provide web marketing solutions and SEO to clients through its three primary divisions:

3D Aberdeen

3D Aberdeen is the 3D showcase website of Deepbluemedia’s 3D division. We specialise in 3D video and imaging solutions, in particular for the Oil/Gas, Medical and Construction sectors.


Deepbluemedia is a collective of our three main divisions. The company specialises in the provision of multimedia, graphic, print, 3D, web and app solutions for business.

Web Design Aberdeen

Web Design Aberdeen is the specialist web division of Deepblue and provides fully responsive CMS and e-com online solutions for companies around the globe.

app design aberdeen

Also proudly presenting Deepblue's new App Division -

  • We've been a little quiet of late but for good reason. Big things are afoot. Details here soon ;). about 567 days ago
  • New video by 3DAberdeen - part of a marketing campaign for Nation 1 (partnered with Microsoft, Nokia, Intel) - about 816 days ago
  • Deepblue's new Project and Client Management System is now live - Existing clients to receive access details soon. about 859 days ago
  • Did someone say the 3D Aberdeen site was in need of a rebrand? Must have. This explains a very sober weekend - about 885 days ago
  • Sorry, what's that you say? Does Deepblue make apps? Hmm - we've only gone and made a site about that very subject - about 897 days ago

The Fully Managed Website

Having a website is only half the story. With more sites than people in the world, you need a way to stand out. Our Fully Managed Website Service takes care of content, Search Engine Optimisation, your Social Media campaigns and internet PR bringing you increased traffic and more business.

Fully Managed Websites – an overview

Site Development

Whether you decide choose for us to develop a bespoke site for you or go the template route, there’s still considerable work to be done populating your site with text and images. Sure, a Content Management System helps with this and makes updating relatively simple but there’s still text to be written, images to be cropped and optimised and the general site structure to be implemented. We used to leave clients to set up their sites but, from experience, we’ve learned it’s easier for everyone if we do it for you.

So, we’ll take an hour or so to learn about your company, your products / services, target markets, clients and your ultimate goals from the development.  We’ll then write effective, engaging web copy to hook your visitors.  If you have images, we’ll resize and crop them for best effect.  If you don’t have images, we’ll source pictures for you from our extensive online libraries.  In short, you receive a fully working, fully compiled website from the start.  No more messing around with instruction manuals trying to figure out how to make changes to your site.  And we’ll also do comprehensive testing to make sure your site looks great across all platforms (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop).

responsive websites

we make fully responsive websites and populate them with your content

Management Platform

As soon as you sign up to our Managed Website Service, we’ll send you details to log into our Online Management Platform. Here you can log requests, keep track of work, agree fees and sign off invoices. You can request new work, monitor updates, track progress and even request a meeting or phone call. A one-stop-shop for keeping on top of on-going work.

Dedicated Support

We’re only ever a phone call away and we’re available 24/7 through the Management Platform. Increasingly we’re finding clients prefer this as a way to request new work and keep on top of projects however we’ll also come meet you if required. Our monthly phone meetings normally allow us to identify any new requirements however you can also call us or email (please see foot of page for contact details)

Key Benefits

I t may be a slight cliche, but time really is money. Sure, every company these days needs to have an online presence but it can sometimes feel like a necessary evil. Your company is renowned for what it does – as is ours – and it just so happens we’re rather good at web design and marketing. Relieve the pressure of feeling like you “must” update your website by getting us to do the work for you.
Y our clients are unlikely to be too impressed when they come to your site only to see that your ‘latest news’ is dated from two years ago. Your website affords a platform to shout to the world – to show you’re a proactive, dynamic company. To promote your products, your services, new contracts, new staff, your areas of operation and your latest news. All these things take time to detail but using our Managed Website Service, we take care of everything for you.
O ur Fully Managed Service will even update your Social Media profiles, giving you maximum market exposure for minimum effort. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Circles, YouTube, Flickr – all can be extremely powerful marketing tools when used properly. And we’ll even devise engaging Social Media campaigns that will get your clients talking and drive traffic to your site.
S earch Engine Optimisation is almost as important as having a site in the first place. If your clients aren’t finding you online, you’re missing out on a huge potential market. Our SEO programs will propel you to the top of the listings, bringing traffic and business you likely didn’t even know existed. Send us a list of your desired Keywords and Search Strings (words and phrases you think potential clients might use to find your business) and we’ll do the rest. We guarantee front page listings (usually top three) in all SEO work we take on. Finally your website starts performing an eminently useful business function.

Bottom line, if your site isn’t seen, your site isn’t working. A Fully Managed Website promotes your pages while selling your company. Updated content without the hassles, making the web work for you

Web Marketing Aberdeen

Our Key Skills

We bring a diverse range of skills, ideas, and talent to the table to improve your SEO and web marketing strategies.

Initial Site Set Up

So, you’ve bought a template site. Now what? Setting up a site takes time, knowledge and expertise. As powerful as modern templates are, to get the best from them, you still need a good level of coding, copywriting, design, imaging and marketing prowess.

Managed Content

That new site’s not going to update itself. You’re unlikely to see many repeat visits if your ‘news’ stories are two years old. Furthermore, Google loves new content and will prioritise you far higher up the search engines if you regularly update your site.

Web Marketing / SEO

There’s no point having a website if it’s not being seen. With more websites in the world than there are people, the question is, how do you promote your site and get hits? Dedicated SEO gets your site to the top of Google searches. And to prove it, we’ll send you monthly reports.

Weekly / Monthly Updates

Just like you, your business is proactive – it doesn’t stand still. To be a successful marketing tool, your website needs to reflect your company. It needs to inform your clients of new products, services, contracts, staff . . . Our Update Service involves a weekly / montly phone call to find out everything that’s new, before writing copy and updating the site for you.

Professional Copywriting

Proven fact – you have approximately 8-10 seconds or around 100-150 words to capture the attention of your visitors. User behaviour dictates that visitors simply click the back button if they can’t immediately find what they’re looking for. Google has 1000′s of pages similar to yours. Effective web copy eliminates bounce rates, engages users and promotes your company.

Image Optimisation

Yes, your 16Mb high-res photo makes for a brilliant A1 print but, in web terms, it just amounts to a ten minute download and user frustration. Screen images need resized and compressed into appropriate image formats for quick delivery over the internet. And very often, a properly cropped image has far more punch than the original.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media isn’t just for teenage angst and breakfast updates – these days it’s an integral and essential component of a company’s marketing arsenal. One ‘like’ can quickly transform into a million, driving traffic to your products, services and site. We devise truly innovative Social campaigns that will get tongues wagging, your clients sharing links and your pages promoted.

YouTube Updates

Once the preserve of huge broadcasting companies, the video and TV industries have been blown apart by the ubiquitous rise of online streaming sites. YouTube allows you a 24/7 company advertisement – produced and disseminated at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasting.

Visitor Tracking

We integrate tightly with Google Analytics but we can also give you detailed information about exactly who’s visiting your site, country of origin, time of day and duration spent on specific pages. We can then tailor your web content to suit. And we’ll send you monthly reports so you can see, first-hand, the positive effects of the service on your site and marketing.

The Four Stage Process

Your business didn't become a success through updating websites. You became successful doing what you do - and doing it well. Fact is, to make the most of the web, you either need to establish a marketing dept or commission someone to look after it for you. Because - truth - the girl at the front desk neither has the skills nor the interest to keep your online profile updated.

Bespoke or Template

First step – pick a template or commission us to design a bespoke site, complete with full Content Management System. We’ll install everything, set up your email and domain hosting and get the site ready for going live.

The Build

Even the best templates require a level of programming knowledge. Design, image manipulation and writing copy all require expertise. We look after everthing, populating your site with engaging, immersive content.

Launch and SEO

Once the look, feel and content have been agreed we post your site live to world. Groundwork over, now the real effort starts to propel your site up the search engines, regularly update content and attract visitors.

Updates and Maintenance

We arrange a short monthly call to ‘interview’ you on company news which we then post to your site and social media profiles. You have private access to a client area to log new requests and check monthly reports and progress.


Successful Web Marketing and SEO requires commitment, hard work and constant analysis of the competition. Our Managed Website Service provides all this as well as updates to your site
Web Marketing Aberdeen



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